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Encounters With The Powers Of The World To Come.

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by Siraphat

by pastor Akomolafe Adebayo (living faith church worldwide)
‘Until one does what makes things happen he may never see things happen’- So I prophesied as he commanded me, and breathe entered them, and stood up upon their feet – a vast army.… Ezekiel 37:10
Covenant day of breaking invisible barriers.
Barriers are strange invisible forces at work against your glorious destiny but today you shall see them no more in the name of Jesus. Your deliverance is guaranteed.
What is heaven on earth?
Upon marveling at the authority of and dominion that Christ walked in over evil forces, his disciples could not help but seek to know their masters secrete.  ‘Teach us to pray; they said, almost from a standpoint of envy over johns disciples (who were well versed in prayer by then) but in reality were driven by a genuine desire to dominate the earth through the heavenly order, just as he did.
As their request was granted Jesus showed them the very essence of all prayer and that is to bring heaven down to earth.  Prayer is fellowship with the Father so as to command the super natural – bringing God’s will to play on earth.  Matthew 6:9. It is practically living in the Fathers will on earth; a heavenly lifestyle in the now. Heaven’s reality shall become tangible in your life ‘in the now ‘and not in the ‘by and by’.
The powers of the world to come rule in the world to come.  And if we can be able to hold of the power then we can exercise rulership and dominion on earth to the glory of God. This is only but a test of the grand reality to become our lifestyle when we ascend to glory.  Hebrew 6:5. Jesus tested the power hence he could manifest it. When the tax collector came knew how the heavenly banking system worked. He sent his disciples to the sea of God’s wisdom, dominant in the world to come, to make the needful withdrawal from the first fish they caught. The heavenly ATM responded accordingly..and the outstanding debt /tax settled!
Understanding the workings of the power of the world to come will always put you in charge of every contrary situation. Having known the mystery of the miracle meal and the authority a believer’s tongue commands as a surprise how one can become healthy for 22 year without medication or lying in hospital. The challenges do come but in the name of Jesus everything happens at your command and authority!
The powers of the world to come are essentially to wipe the tears off your face. No more tears or crying for in heaven there’s unspeakable joy in eternal proportions.
The power of the world to come is divine enabling and not of man. This is what Jesus meant when he constantly referring to his father. He did not make it a secret that he could by his own self do nothing  but as he saw and heard his Father so did and spoken he. Joseph also admitted before Pharaoh that it was not him but that God in heaven would manifest his power and favorably address pharaoh’s dilemma and confusion. Jesus was living by the power of the world to come by the Father who sent him. And as Jesus has sent us so do we live and manifest in the same, even greater order of the supernatural. John 6:57. The power of the  world to come ushers us into a world free of curses. It is only the blessing of God that reigns there.  Revelation 22:3.
The power of the world to come put you above all the forces of darkness, not ceremoniously but in unquestionable dominion for you are blessed and cannot be cursed.  Numbers 23:23
The enemy has to depart your life in the name of Jesus. When satan was defeated in the war in heaven he was eternally cast out. Revelation 12:7-9. It was a word of wonders without end. Revelation 21:1-5 read also verses 22-26.
The connection to this power is prayer. Prayer and fasting, such as the ongoing 21 days of fasting is the gateway to endowment of the power of the world to come. Effectual events fervent prayer; intense and focused in every sense running through to at least an hour. Jesus, Moses, Elijah all ascended mountains (of prayer and fasting) to call on God for power; the powers of the world to come. 
Daniel’s prayer life.
Daniel was a man given to tireless and ceaseless praying. And it was due to this aspect of his walk with God that earned him a place in the den of lions. Even the threatening of wicked men and law he did not fret nor waver but continued along his pattern and lifestyle of prayer. Upon  being thrown into the lions den ‘his night vigil’ turned out to the glory of God with him sharing his testimony of heaven coming down unto the earth causing the lions mouths to be shut. He must have continued in prayer despite the seemingly obvious death sentence upon him. The lions could not eat him. Daniel 6:22.
Daniel was also able to decipher heavenly writings while nobody else could. Read Daniel 2:16-23, 5:11-12, 25-28.            
How did he get in to this level of empowerment.
Daniel sought after the word of God on all matters and whatsoever we receive from heaven will always be above  every other. .Daniel 9:2-3 Daniel operated in righteousness and prayed tirelessly. As mentioned earlier his prayer was accompanied with fasting. Daniel 9:20-22. Daniel was not a priest but a politician yet he excelled beyond even the priests of the days. He was a consultant for various governments in four different regimes. They could not do without him… he fasted and prayer his way into the unusual order. He operated in the power of the world to come…… the supernatural. You cannot walk in this powers without prayer and fasting.  Daniel 10:2-3, 12-14.  

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