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Four Pillars Of Success

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Welcome to the month of July. God has spoken, that you belong to the top this month. Put it another way, you are a city set on a hill, for all to see. It is a realm of success you are entering into today. You will succeed, in Jesus’ name.

God has packaged success for you this month. As you succeed, you will understand that it is not your effort only that will put you on top. God’s factor, God’s grace and predestination are contributors too, besides your little effort. Divine backing is what makes people stand out as success stories. Remove God from your plans and everything will collapse. Why? He is the author of success. Success has pillars. In order to stand out as a success story, there must be some things backing you. These are the things we call pillars of success. What are they? Any fool can be a success if he cares to know how to.


Vision can be defined simply as seeing into the plan and purpose of God for your life. It means to see ahead. It is the fuel of success. No man can succeed, or leave the valley when he had a blind mind. When you can’t see, you can’t succeed. How far you go in life is determined by how far you can see. Darkness has covered this earth and gross darkness has compassed the people about and for you to escape it, you need gross light.  That can only be available by vision. How fast you move is a function of what you can see. Read Proverbs 28. If you see what belongs to you, you can’t be stopped from getting it. That’s why we define the year, the month, the week to release light into your eyes, to see where you belong.

The Power of Vision

When we read in Genesis 12:1-3, Abraham was a gallant failure by then; 75 years old in his father’s house, no children. He picked him from there, with the above appointment letter! If you see what is preached and put it into practice, this Abraham order of blessing becomes yours too. Why many stagnate is because they don’t care to practice what God says, but not so any more. You will see it the way you hear it from today, in Jesus’ name. Genesis 13:14, this verse means that you begin where you are, whether sick, indebted, frustrated etc, look!! If you don’t see what belongs to you, you can’t possess it. Your mind is your covenant eye; you use it to see where you are going. If you see it, and you are convinced that it is yours, God must give it to you. Men of success live and abide in their vision. The happiest men are those who live in their future because the past and the present are dented with errors. Build pictures in your mind of what you want to have in the next few years. That is vision.  Jeremiah 1:11: What you don’t see coming your way will never come. Many of us pray, but don’t take any steps at all. Nothing will fall like manna. You must begin by seeing. Vision commits God to perform. See it in the word, you will commit God to deliver it into your hands. Proverbs 23:7 For as he thinketh in his heart so is he …….You cannot rise above your thinking pattern. Think big, pray, take steps. Until you see where you are going, and know how to get there, you can die in perpetual misery. God forbid.


Nothing renews the mind like heavenly news. And at the root of every transformation is information. To be uninformed is to be deformed. Your mind is the seat of information, the store house. E. W. Kenyon said, make your brain work, it will sweat and improve until you become a wonder to your generation. Information empowers the mind. Every extra information enlarges the capacity of your mind. The depth of information determines largely the greatness of your mind. Information is the food of the mind.  The more informed you are the more productive your mind becomes.

How do I access information?

The most effective avenue for information acquisition is reading.

2 Tim 2:15. The quality of information that finds its way into your mind determines the quality of your life and your mind. With formal school (training), you become a worker; with informal training (education) you become a leader, pace-setter. There is a big difference between schooling and education. Schooling is formal resulting in professions, but education makes you a leader. The problem with leadership in Africa is that we have leaders who are not informed at all, yet they want to lead. They don’t read any book to enlarge their minds. That’s the reason for mediocrity around. Anthony Robins read 700 books while in High School, became a consultant to the US army and IT companies. When you read you become a leader. Benjamin Franklin dropped at primary 2, yet he became America’s greatest philosopher and built a high class university. All this   by information. Books will reform you. What you want in life, search through books and the answers will come.


Vision and information will produce your lifting only if you add to it hard work. Many people in the church don’t like working. God no longer rains manna from heaven. He has only promised to bless the work of our hands. Prov. 22:29.  Hard work means using a lot of physical or mental effort to make something succeed. You don’t become diligent because you are a hawker or engineer. The career you are in does not deliver hard work directly to you. You deliberately work on it yourself. Psalms 1:3. Many Christians complain of harassment by their bosses at work, but carefully examined, a discovery will show that they report late at work. If you are lazy man, no boss can treat you well. Hard work is what produces amazing results. Joseph was a hard worker in prison, how much more you, who are not a slave. Success is not a native of the west neither is failure a native of Africa. In the west they are blessed because they work hard, they mind what to do per time, but in Africa, we have grown-ups who don’t do anything at all to make life meaningful. There is no future in the kingdom of God for the lazy! You cannot be diligent and lack testimonies. A house that is not occupied however classic it will soon collapse. In the same way a Christian and believer whose body is not engaged in work will soon attract sickness. God forbid. God is a worker; right from Gen. 2:2-8, 2:15 God planted a garden. He is a hard worker. If this be so, as Christians we need to emulate him. Why are you the only one complaining that there are no jobs, while others are going to work? Be a worker, like our fathers in the faith, both in scriptures and contemporary life. How can you be 45 and not working? Work makes you look younger while laziness makes you grow old too fast. No matter how ugly it looks, does that work whole-heartedly; soon your name will become a household name. God has ordained you to be a pace-setter in your area of endeavor. Put your hands to work, hard work and you will get there in Jesus’ name.

Benefits of Hard Work

Hard work quickens your faith. James 2:14, 17. Put your faith to work because faith without works is dead. It takes work for your faith to produce.

Hard work provides an opportunity for you to accomplish your purpose in life. Until you take responsibility in your area by diligence, you cannot have dominion. 


To be at the top in life you need to add to vision, information and diligence, character. Character is what will sustain you at the top. If you have a shop and you decide that every day you must have a break of 2 hours to rest, very soon you will close. Everyone will know you lack character, and they’ll abandon your shop. Why should you close your shop early and open late?  In that office if it is only the coat that is present while you have gone out for hours, you are stealing the employer’s time. That denied you promotion. It is called lack of character. Are you employed in that saloon? Why report late and leave early? Will you keep that job? Mind character because it will sustain you. As a christian, you must be a hard worker, to maintain that top position. May God keep you at the top all your days in Jesus Name. Keep character, it will sustain you at the top. Embrace these pillars, soon you will become a household name in this land in Jesus Name.

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