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Fatherhood Is a Gift From God

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Glory to God; as we are flying higher on the wings of faith. Knowledge and understanding of God’s word and concept is at the root of effective and living faith.

Message today takes us deep to the subject of effective fatherhood. I pray for you today that you will see and experience God’s wonders. In Jesus Name!

The word ‘Father’ in the scriptures is translated from the word ‘Abba’; which Jesus in His days calls the Almighty. Abba simply means; Provider, sustainer, protector … the list is endless! Another name of God that gives us a great insight into the meaning of that word is El-Shaddai. This means the God who has a big chest, big enough   where unto all creation can come upon to rest and draw comfort if they so will. It is amazing that the father in heaven places man on the earth to Abba his creation on his behalf. Read(Gen1:26).

He didn’t give women that divine privilege. So fatherhood is a divine privilege which when fulfilled guaranteed some peculiar blessedness. Fatherhood is a divine responsibility and it is leadership rather than being a state a man gets into wherein he brings forth offspring. It’s more than that! This is manhood and fatherhood defined in terms of   destiny which I think should be our primary understanding as we look at the subject of fatherhood and to all women   who desire to have a meaningful relationship with a man, this understanding is crucial to provoke your man to be the Abba that God has ordained him to be.
The Fatherhood Spirit
You will agree with me that God is who He is because of the spirit at work in Him. No man can be an effective Abba to those that God has placed under him without the operations of this Spirit. The concept of spirit here can be seen in terms of the ruling force that controls the spirit and soul of a man, dictating his thinking and actions. What is this fatherhood spirit? It is simply and foremost The Spirit of Commitment. Commitment to what?

Read: Prov. 13:22.
So part of the inheritance which a good man leaves for his children is the wealth of sinners which God gives to him. Every man has a divine inheritance from God, but how would a man receive that inheritance when he has no Abba to El-Shaddai him? Without the true Abba in your life, life will be a hell of struggles and those joined to you will be hard hit by the struggle. Haven’t you heard that a man can receive nothing expect it be given him (by the father) from above ….(Jn3:27). Those who are genuinely connected to God via commitment will experience the Fatherhood of the El-Shaddai, and in turn they’re in a position to Abba others. One of our sisters shared a testimony in the church quite some month ago, she and her family were hit by the 2007/08 political crisis. Hitherto, they have not been going to church but the husband was always sending tithe to church which she complained about. She felt that the money could be put to better use. But the man insisted saying; “We definitely need God!” That is fatherhood, that’s leadership! The crisis came and God sent help to them through a man whom thy have no deep relationship with.

He airfield the entire family from the crisis zone to Mombasa. He gave the husband a good job and an apartment far better than the one they were occupying. God made the crisis work for their lifting rather than allow them to wallow in the refugee camp. Now they are settled in church enjoying the goodness of God. Sir, when the winds blow against the boat you are captaining, without God where would you get the authority to rebuke them from? Will you start running helter skelter with your wife and children? Then that’s the real trouble! In MK. 4:37, the winds were blowing vehemently against the boat in which Jesus and the disciples were riding. They woke him up with a shout; Master carest not thou that we perish (verse 38).  He simply stood up and rebuked the wind and there was a calm (verse 39). No wonder, they all followed him. He even El-Shaddai men like himself! You know why, He is spiritually committed and connected to the father. So, the all ability of El-Shaddai flowed through him. God fathers every one under Him, through Him and all was well. The days are gone when men take pride in their commitment to beer and womanizing. That’s old syllabus, those are outdated men! No one wants such a father. True men are God’s men through Jesus Christ. They are men of authority. I pray that the God of heavens will open your eyes to understand. I pray that the God of heaven will put his spirit within you and raise you to such fatherhood heights in the name of Jesus!

Your family here signifies your wife foremost, and the offspring that came out of you, as God will give you the privilege in destiny, because after work (the tilling the garden), the next thing God gave a man to look after is the woman (Gen 2:22) The scriptures clearly reveal that the man is the head of the wife (Eph 5:23) and by implication, he is the head of the family. From Ps. 133 reading from verse 1, you find out that God releases the oil (Grace, empowerment, blessing and all it has to take to effectively to take care of the family in the boat to make them fulfill their destiny) on the connected and committed head. And from the head, the whole body (the family) partakes of the blessing. It is such a family that God releases His blessing (verse 3). I choose not to be a rotten head that can’t bring down God’s blessing over my family. Even when a man is connected and won’t transmit the blessings down because he has disconnected himself from his body (his family), don’t you know that God will shut off the tap of heavens. That’s why some men are dry, and they don’t know the reason. God is ever ready to floe to you as long as you will flow to your family. Read 1 Tim 5:8. Infield means someone who does not believe in God. It means an untrustworthy person. Please don’t be an untrustworthy person. Please don’t be an unworthy person in God’s sight. Your family needs the Grace of God meant to flow through you. I pray that as you choose to live in absolute commitment, the flow will begin from now henceforth.


Honor defined in terms of an honorable life means living with the sense of purpose of destiny and thereby having glorious results to show for life in all areas. Fatherhood is all about honor but fulfilling the responsibility in the grace of God is what brings that honor. Read Ps. 49:20. In this verse Perish means to become dumb or silent where your voice should be a voice of authority. It means to be down when others are being lifted up by the hands of God. All fathers are meant to be men of honor. Drunkards, womanizers and prodigal fathers can’t have honor, not even from their wives and children. No they’re not honorable they’re burdensome. Arise man, connect to God, take your place in honor and God will release his honor over your life. Yes, there may be some forces limiting you but you don’t need to remain in frustration. I pray for you today that those negative        forces frustrating your life, driving you to irresponsibility and to be a prodigal father, lose their grip over your life. Arise, take steps and come into honor and your wife and children shall call you blessed, in Jesus name.

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