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Gratitude: Platform For A Blessed Life

Article courtesy of living faith church worldwide

Jesus said: Read. Luke 17/17-19. For the past years God has been faithful to us. He has done strange things a midst us. Even those that have hated us eventually end up being our friends. We are a blessed people.

We give God all the glory for making us a pacesetter; He continues to prosper and honor us.

God has also established us and we marvel at His wonderfulness for these years.
God has not only given us a place but a great name indeed; from a grain of a mustard seed’ but now see what the Lord has done. We owe God thanks, praise and gratitude because what has been done and established all these years is NOT us but God. It is the doing of the Lord and is marvelous in our eyes. We whole heartedly appreciate what God has done.

After these celebrations strangers shall begin to minister to you. Kings will call you forth and give you your heart’s desire. And the sons of strangers shall build up thy walls and their kings shallminister unto thee; …Isaiah 60/10.

Because you are a part of us this day victory shall not depart from you in Jesus name.

Gratitude; Platform for a blessed life.

We thank God for understanding; no man can operate beyond the grace of God made available to him.
Even the wave of glory we have been privileged to enjoy has been by His grace.
Bishop D. Oyedepo said something that caught my attention that, “It is not the offering collections making things happen here, but the blessing of the Lord’. And this is not surprising because it has come to a point that even Muslims are sending their tithes as well as children to church because of their recognition of the blessing of God at work.

Many of those we call giants today in our churches were virtually on the ground when they walked into Jesus see what the blessing has made them become.

Very soon many will join us in worshipping our God because of the bursting forth   of the glory; indeed the blessing of the Lord at work. The same order of name. Your own life is being opened up to the next level of glory, but there is a responsibility.
Today we shall be sharing on the foundational key to stirring and maintaining the blessing of God and that key is GRATITUDE.

The golden law of the spirit says ‘whatever you will have men do unto you, do unto others’. It is a law of life. So if you want God to bless you then bless him first. If you can richly bless Him then His rich blessings become your right. But
The question is, ‘How do you bless God who created and owns everything? Ps 50/10,12.

Your giving does not bless God as many have come to believe. You do not give to God what He has and say you have blessed Him because the least is blessed by the better. You become blessed by your giving.

One thing that God will not give to Himself is praise, gratitude or appreciation. This is where we as children of God come in with understanding and embrace our responsibility.

Understand, one does not become king just because he calls himself so but is ratified when others recognize and call him so. The bible says, ‘In the multitude of the people is the king’s honor. That is why those that recognize God as their Lord and King are loved by Him. And God’s love will always provoke the blessing upon your life.
This is where gratitude comes in. Gratitude can be defined as willing uncoerced and conscious praise; from the heart of a man to God. If you will be blessed of God then you have to develop and maintain a heart of gratitude. I pray for your understanding towards what is being communicates for a life changing encounter with the blessings of God. To be blessed means to be empowered to prosper. When you are under blessings the face of the Lord shines unto you and the light of God’s countenance is upon you. Read Numbers 6:23-26.

The blessing of the Lord that makes one rich and prosperous be upon you. Just like Joseph, those who despised you will come to honor you. As earlier stated, if God is to bless you, you must first move God to be well disposed and favorable towards you. Bless God first. God never reacts but He responds to people; those whose hearts are grateful. Let your heart be a well of gratitude. What your heart says about God is what either motivates or demotivates Him towards you. Psalm 50:23.


Your giving and everything is still hat the mercy of the life of gratitude. This is to say whatsoever you do void of gratitude cannot move God.

As you receive the spirit and grace to live a life of gratitude the blessing of Good will begin to answer into your life from today in Jesus name.

Let us consider the life of man called Job:-

According to the scriptures the pinnacle to job’s profile was his heart – his perfect heart. Job 1/1 –

1.              According to the message in this bulletin define blessing.
2.              Do we bless God by our giving?
3.              What makes you blessed then?
4.              From your understanding what is gratitude.
5.              What happens if you frown against God?
6.              What does the golden law of the Spirit say?
All these questions are derived from today’s message. We will look at the correct answers together in our next bulletin.


Those who despised you will honor you. The blessing of the lord will begin to answer your life. From today your life will never remain the same. A Perfect heart is one full of gratitude towards God. A man of God once said that God has not done him one wrong all through his life. That is a perfect life; a perfect heart.

In one of our pastor’s meetings he said, “Everything good in his ministry is done by God. Every mistake you have ever seen I am the one that did it”. It comes as no surprise that the servant of God is thriving so greatly. We see the same heart of gratitude in the apostle Paul. He was always striving to have a conscience void of offence towards God and man. Despite all the beatings, shipwrecks, snake bites etc, that Paul faced in his life he had no offence towards God. May you come to a point in your life   never to be offended by God. When anything goes wrong may you, in humility and gratitude of heart see it as you and never God.

What have you that you have not received? Wisdom is to return all glory to God with a heart filled with gratitude. Deut. 3:/18.
 God will not abhor you for ingratitude because you shall be grateful. The withdrawal of God is the power of the devil; something he craved for over the life of Job. In one single day his property and children were all killed. Amazingly Job still worshipped God even after this massacre by the devil. Job 1:20. In the midst of challenges Job stood faithful even rebuking his wife. Job 2/10.

If you frown against God He will withdraw His presence from you. IN Job 42/10 we see God restoring him to twice as much as he was before. Despite losing everything during his trial he never cursed God.  A heart of gratitude indeed. Let your heart sing and leap for joy. God is not an evildoer but a Blesser. Let thanksgiving never cease from your heart. May the love of God be with you always.

As the teaching comes forth by the servant of God, as contained in this blog, may the blessedness of gratitude be reflected in your life. May your faith make thee whole. PEACE.

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