Monday, 24 March 2014

The Winning Prayer

Article courtesy of living faith church worldwide

What the disciples did in their thirst and desire to know how to pray the Lord taught them how. That teaching did not and never came to a close because even in our days and age God is still revealing unto us the mysteries behind prayers that guarantee us breakthrough all round. Today’s message focuses on Breakthrough Prayers.

The Lord when speaking to Bishop David Oyedepo in the 18 hour vision said … the hour has come.

Truly your own hour has come where all fruitless prayers that you have been making now take a new turn. God shall transform all wildernesses round about your life into a Garden of Eden as you pray with deep understanding. Open up your heart and receive of God’s word. PEACE.

Holy Spirit we welcome you. Glorify the father, glorify Jesus and we will all be exalted and edified.

Every throne of evil shall be overthrown, judged and cancelled today in the Name of Jesus of Nazareth. Whatsoever has been troubling your life shall be nullified. Welcome to Zion for God is here to bless you.

When utter destruction was due and more than imminent to Jacob (as he returned home to face Esau) he separated himself unto prayers and supplications. God intervened and the destruction was turned to a testimony - a happy re-union!

For your sorrow you shall have laughter. God shall establish your breakthrough today.

Breakthrough Prayers
One way to enforce your breakthrough is by your prayers; breakthrough prayers. Pray all manner of prayers that establish different kind of results.

Breakthrough prayers are warfare prayers. The word says endure hardship as a soldier of Christ. And by redemption you must understand that you are a soldier; one who wars to subdue! As you read through the Grace to subdue will come upon you. Breakthrough prayers are warfare prayers.

When you talk of breakthrough prayers you are talking of opposition in life, which apparently many believers are no sensitive to hence their perpetual defeat and loss to the enemy.

Opposition in life are a reality. 1 Cor 16:9 for a great door and effectual is opened unto me, and there are many adversaries.

If you are not moving from glory to glory and at the speed that is ordained despite your being well positioned in your relationship with God, it’s because the opposition is having a ‘field day in your life’.

Your destiny is to be at the top and not to perpetually ‘follow’. The moment the enemy overcomes you then you become stagnated. That is why continuous prayers in life are what guarantee your continuous progress. Read Pr. 4:18.

If you are going to fulfill this scripture in your life it means you are WINNING continually, just as the psalmist reiterated the same truth ….. Ps 115:14.

If this is not the case in your life then the devil is still at work in your life. One man of God said, “Your warfare accomplished is what establishes your welfare”.

Every adversity is proof of the workings of the adversary in your life. Every enchantment, curse ad divination around your life creates bulwarks (walls of Jericho). The problem is the believer is asleep while the devil is busy. But the moment we stand up the devil will give in. After tempting and being defeated by our Lord Jesus, during the 40 days of fasting, the word reveals that the devil departed from him never returning to Him again until Jesus submitted himself at the time of the crucifixion.

As you stand up in prayers satan is coming under your feet supernaturally. Satan, despite being the enemy of our soul is not our problem as it were because he is strong because many of us are not exercising our victory. Receive Grace for intercession and warfare. Remember, when blessings and progress stall despite being well positioned, the devil is warring against it. Read Matthew. 13:27.

When you read further (30) you see the end of the work of the devil. You need to secure your own deliverance for glory here upon the earth. We must come to a point in our lives where we choose the will to come to pass in our lives. And this is where contending with the devil comes in. Read Matthew 11:12.

The violence in the spirit and in faith take it by force. Evert time the forces of the spirit are deployed diligently against satan, he has no choice but to give up. Fight the good fight of faith to establish destiny and the will of God for your life. 1Timothy: 6:12.

Warfare prayers are a fight of faith and if your fight with understanding YOU WILL WIN. Winning is really taking hold of what Jesus has made available to you. It is also very important for you to understand that in warfare prayers the devil is trying to deny you access into these blessing. So we do not target the blessing for we are already assured of it, but to clear the opposition off the way to guarantee our access into the blessings. Stand up in warfare prayers and the lines shall begin to fall in pleasant places for you.

Warfare prayers are not optional nor a non-negotiable requirement for a believer. Warfare prayers guarantee our progress.

Daniel dry fasted and prayed a right and only after 21 days did he have answers to his prayers even the cause of the delay. The ‘Prince of Persia’. Withstood me said the angel. Daniels’ answers to his prayers hanged in the air. Therefore without warfare there’s no accomplished answers to prayers. Warfare must be permanent in your life.

Truths That Make Warfare Prayers Effective.

We do not fight satan in prayers but exercise our authority over him. Exercising authority is all about giving orders and instructions to they that are beneath you in rank and power.

Every believer is a child of authority. We are all under authority and can still exercise that authority. David said strangers shall hear my voice; that whatsoever answers to Jesus shall answer to him. This is the believer’s heritage. Read John 20:21.

The servant to a centurion was grievously tormented by the devil. Being a roman soldier he understood authority and knew Jesus to be an authority I the spirit and thus he spoke unto him saying you need not come under my roof but speak the word only and my servant shall be healed. Read Matthew. 8:6-13.

Whatsoever is tormenting you shall pack his/her belongings out of your life in Jesus Name. Fight not the devil but exercise your authority over him in warfare prayers.

Every warrior must have his own a weapon and for you to flow in victory and progress you need a weapon too. War in the prayer room with the weapon of the word of God. 2 Cor. 10:4 (For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;
Read also Eph 6:12

Since our battle is not carnal then our weapons of our warfare are not carnal but are mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds – bulwarks established in the spirit. If you do not know the weapon you ought to fight with the devil will mock you while still punishing you.
God is a judge who is sited upon the throne. But he has given the sons (believers) the authority to judge upon the earth.

We are judges over evil even the house of Esau upon the earth. Therefore, the word of (God’s judgment) is precisely one of the authentic weapons for warfare against the devil.       Rev 12:11.         When you release the word in the realm of the spirit it manifests as a hammer or fuel that burns. Read     Jeremiah 23:29.

Fighting the good fight of faith to establish destiny and the will of God for yourlife. Warfare prayers must be done in righteousness to be effective. Read Psalm 45:3. Righteousness makes truth work for you. From today you will no longer fall under the feet of the wicked. You will prevail over them. Righteousness is aligning yourself to God. May you have a new beginning with God. PEACE.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Why God Wants You Blessed And Prosperous

Article courtesy of living faith church worldwide

1. To be a blessing to others.

God wants you to have money in your pocket so as to help others who are in need. When you are stingy, God can’t bless you. Read Genesis 12:2. When you are mean and you are praying to God to bless you, that prayer offends God. Proverbs 11:24-25 “there is that scattereth, and yet increaseth; and there is that with holdeth more than is meet, but it tendeth to poverty. The liberal soul shall be made fat; and he that watereth shall be watered also himself.

1 tim 6:17, 18 “charge them  that are rich in this world, that they be not high minded; nor trust in uncertain riches, but in the living God, who giveth us richly all things to enjoy; that they do good, that they be rich in good works, ready to distribute, willing to communicate”.

If you are praying to God to bless you, also ask him to open your eyes to see where to scatter, where you can bless someone. But if you are a reservoir, who only receives everything for yourself and your children, you will remain small forever. God forbid!

2.  To make God attractive to the world.

When you are born again and you are so blessed, a good car, a good house, people will look at you and see  the color of your God through you. Many are not saved because they haven’t seen the attraction in you. Many Christians are still struggling and the world cannot be attracted to Jesus through your toiling and sweating. You must be blessed, so that your good house can attract them to Christ! I always pray that God   blesses us all. That is what is boiling in my heart. People are watching. When they see an end to sweat in you, and you bless them, they’ll follow you. We must become wealthy! Desire it with all your heart.

D. The blessing factor

Prov. 10:22 “the blessing of the lord, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it.” The blessing of the lord means a good car, good clothes, a comfortable family among other things. I am wealthy because i am blessed, not vice versa. So the blessing of God brings wealth. There is no kingdom prosperity without the blessing factor. I stir it up every day I wake up. Jesus died in shame and reproach and rose the third day, that the blessing of Abraham can come upon us. You need money to eat well. Read Also Galatians 3:13-14 

How do I stir the blessing?

(I) Live by faith
Every time you are living by faith you are stirring the blessing. Sugar in a cup cannot sweeten tea without being stirred up with a spoon. Living by faith is claiming what you believe in everyday and God is committed to.

(II) Walk in love
No strife survives in my home because when it enters a home, it stops the blessing of God and activates the curse. Where there are contentions, arguments, fights, God cannot be there. I pray for the church every day, should you have any issue, discuss openly so as to keep the blessing of God upon your life. Any man living in strife attracts no blessing at all. That shall not be your story in the name of Jesus.

E. Five dangers of strife

Where there is bickering, bitterness, contentions, there is no God. Strife destroys churches and families. This is because God lives where there is harmony and absolute calm. On the contrary, the devil’s habitat is where there is bitterness, arguments, disagreement and gossip. It is one thing that stops the move of God on any set-up.  God flees and withdraws in any strife-torn environment. Our prayer basically is that God will heal our tongues as Christians so that we can promote God’s work and create a more suitable environment for God to abide. Read Hebrews 12:14
Bitterness, quarreling, fighting is strife. Following are the woes resulting from strife.

· It makes God’s Grace to fail in your life. You are who you are by God’s Grace. When you become a backbiter, this Grace vanishes, and you become a struggler.
· Strife brings all manner of troubles sin life. Barrenness, sickness, stagnation, diseases, untimely death. 
· Strife causes many to be defiled by the devil. Whether you are striving with your children, wife, pastor, elder’s etc. Defilement is sure.
· Mental disorder: anytime you are engaged in strife, you end up lacking creativity.
· Low productivity: you see fewer results in your assignment because of  strife.

It all has its root in the tongue. Receive Grace to walk in love, be open to all men and remain ever blessed. The bonfire in your tongue will die forever, and your mouth shall always speak positively. Give your opinions to God and pray for God’s people or tell them directly, rather that light fires. You will live your Christian life ever blessed, in Jesus name

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

The Attitude You Should Have To Prosper In The Kingdom Of God

Article courtesy of living faith church worldwide

1.     Agree that kingdom prosperity is possible

Kingdom wealth is real and possible is important to carry this mentality. No matter how long you fast or how often you give, if you don’t believe in the reality of the kingdom prosperity, you cannot enjoy it. You mind actually determines what your hand can handle. If it is not in your heart, it can never come to your hands. Prov 23:7 (a) “for as he thinketh in his heart, so is he”. You cannot rise above your belief system. When i discovered from God’s word that it is possible, my life changed forever. Psalm 112:1-3 “praise ye the  lord. Blessed is the man that feareth the lord, that delighteth greatly in his commandments. His seed shall be mighty upon earth: the generation of the upright shall be blessed. Wealth and riches shall be in his house: and his righteousness endureth forever.” Yes, we can. That is how barrack Obama took over the highest office on earth. If you are blessed, you can’t lie, you can’t be tempted to change figures in your office. Riches have to do with having more  than enough. When one car breaks down, another one is available. That is wealth. Every christian must believe God  to have at least  one car. Wealth is having your own plane. It is abundance of all things. A wealthy man has a jet and does not have to make noise to make news. 

2.     Kingdom wealth is by choice

“i call heaven an dearth to record this day  against you, that i have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live” kingdom wealth is a matter of personal decision. I open my mouth everyday and choose wealth. I declare myself blessed. Wealth is so much in my system that i can’t keep quiet about it. It is a personal choice to stay blessed or cursed. I am blessed every day because i realize that choice with  my mouth, just as it is written; psalm 68:19 “blessed be the lord, who daily loadeth us with benefits, even the God  of our salvation”. Make your choice too. 

3.     Kingdom wealth is for the obedient

 there is what you must not eat, what you must not touch, if you do, you have chosen poverty. Read job 36:11. No devil can make them poor! No prayer, anointing or holy communion can help you if you eat your tithe. It is obedience to heavenly principles that guarantees prosperity and violation of the same is a sure recipe for poverty. Read isaiah 1:19. Isaac planted seeds and reaped a hundredfold. When people are sowing, don’t fold your hands, if you expect kingdom wealth to come your way. Kenneth copeland sowed a seed of his cloth buttons when an offering was called for. God saw his heart. Today he has given out twenty six aircraft. Archbishop benson idahosa of church of God mission international gave his wife! He pushed her to the altar saying “she’s my offering”. Poverty said bye to him. One man in Kampala took off his shoes and gave God. He got a job, a car and comfort. God sees the heart. Obedience is very crucial. God does not need your money, but you need him.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Money And Christianity | Foundation For Kingdom Wealth

Article courtesy of living faith church worldwide

Welcome to the place of lifting, where God rolls away shame and clothes you with glory. Today we are looking at the secrets that constitute the foundation for Kingdom Wealth. As you read, receive the word and believe it, I see you entering your realms of enviable, sweat free, sorrow free blessings, in Jesus precious name. See you at the top!

Our time of lifting up is here. All that needs to be done is to dig into God’s word to unearth the secrets behind financial prosperity. It is the blessing of the lords that makes rich and is sorrow free. Having said this, let us examine briefly from scriptures, the foundation for kingdom prosperity or wealth.

The Revelation

Read Job 22:21-25 Revelation is that process through which the written word moves from the Bible into your heart. Many have it in their bibles and note books but not in the heart. When it enters your inner man it becomes revelation. You cannot prosper outside before you prosper inside.

3 John 2 “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul propereth”. It is the entrance of the word that gives light or revelation. This is a heart, not head factor. Take the word, meditate on it, roll it again in your heart, and as it prospers in your heart, you prosper on the outside too. That’s revelation.


Job 22:23. A return to the almighty is a start of being rebuilt. You must make a deliberate decision to put away sin from your dealings. As a businessman, career man, put away sin. If you call on God while a sinner, you cannot have effect. You must not be found in certain places, there are things you are not to touch, things you must not do, if you are to benefit from kingdom prosperity. This is a personal, conscious decision you take.

The Love Of God

It is our prayer that God will renew and rekindle the fire of love for him and for man. This is the whole essence of Christianity, and we need it. It is what we are living for. Read 1 Cor 2:9-10. There are prepared things for God’s lovers.

2 Chronicals 16:9(2) ‘For the eyes of the LORD run to and from throughout the whole earth, to show himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect towards him”. A young man in our Kampala Church, who joined us just a year ago, has his business now running in millions. Why? The love of God. When your heart is right towards God, you prosper. Stay blessed in Jesus name.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Gratitude: Platform For A Blessed Life

Article courtesy of living faith church worldwide

Jesus said: Read. Luke 17/17-19. For the past years God has been faithful to us. He has done strange things a midst us. Even those that have hated us eventually end up being our friends. We are a blessed people.

We give God all the glory for making us a pacesetter; He continues to prosper and honor us.

God has also established us and we marvel at His wonderfulness for these years.
God has not only given us a place but a great name indeed; from a grain of a mustard seed’ but now see what the Lord has done. We owe God thanks, praise and gratitude because what has been done and established all these years is NOT us but God. It is the doing of the Lord and is marvelous in our eyes. We whole heartedly appreciate what God has done.

After these celebrations strangers shall begin to minister to you. Kings will call you forth and give you your heart’s desire. And the sons of strangers shall build up thy walls and their kings shallminister unto thee; …Isaiah 60/10.

Because you are a part of us this day victory shall not depart from you in Jesus name.

Gratitude; Platform for a blessed life.

We thank God for understanding; no man can operate beyond the grace of God made available to him.
Even the wave of glory we have been privileged to enjoy has been by His grace.
Bishop D. Oyedepo said something that caught my attention that, “It is not the offering collections making things happen here, but the blessing of the Lord’. And this is not surprising because it has come to a point that even Muslims are sending their tithes as well as children to church because of their recognition of the blessing of God at work.

Many of those we call giants today in our churches were virtually on the ground when they walked into Jesus see what the blessing has made them become.

Very soon many will join us in worshipping our God because of the bursting forth   of the glory; indeed the blessing of the Lord at work. The same order of name. Your own life is being opened up to the next level of glory, but there is a responsibility.
Today we shall be sharing on the foundational key to stirring and maintaining the blessing of God and that key is GRATITUDE.

The golden law of the spirit says ‘whatever you will have men do unto you, do unto others’. It is a law of life. So if you want God to bless you then bless him first. If you can richly bless Him then His rich blessings become your right. But
The question is, ‘How do you bless God who created and owns everything? Ps 50/10,12.

Your giving does not bless God as many have come to believe. You do not give to God what He has and say you have blessed Him because the least is blessed by the better. You become blessed by your giving.

One thing that God will not give to Himself is praise, gratitude or appreciation. This is where we as children of God come in with understanding and embrace our responsibility.

Understand, one does not become king just because he calls himself so but is ratified when others recognize and call him so. The bible says, ‘In the multitude of the people is the king’s honor. That is why those that recognize God as their Lord and King are loved by Him. And God’s love will always provoke the blessing upon your life.
This is where gratitude comes in. Gratitude can be defined as willing uncoerced and conscious praise; from the heart of a man to God. If you will be blessed of God then you have to develop and maintain a heart of gratitude. I pray for your understanding towards what is being communicates for a life changing encounter with the blessings of God. To be blessed means to be empowered to prosper. When you are under blessings the face of the Lord shines unto you and the light of God’s countenance is upon you. Read Numbers 6:23-26.

The blessing of the Lord that makes one rich and prosperous be upon you. Just like Joseph, those who despised you will come to honor you. As earlier stated, if God is to bless you, you must first move God to be well disposed and favorable towards you. Bless God first. God never reacts but He responds to people; those whose hearts are grateful. Let your heart be a well of gratitude. What your heart says about God is what either motivates or demotivates Him towards you. Psalm 50:23.


Your giving and everything is still hat the mercy of the life of gratitude. This is to say whatsoever you do void of gratitude cannot move God.

As you receive the spirit and grace to live a life of gratitude the blessing of Good will begin to answer into your life from today in Jesus name.

Let us consider the life of man called Job:-

According to the scriptures the pinnacle to job’s profile was his heart – his perfect heart. Job 1/1 –

1.              According to the message in this bulletin define blessing.
2.              Do we bless God by our giving?
3.              What makes you blessed then?
4.              From your understanding what is gratitude.
5.              What happens if you frown against God?
6.              What does the golden law of the Spirit say?
All these questions are derived from today’s message. We will look at the correct answers together in our next bulletin.


Those who despised you will honor you. The blessing of the lord will begin to answer your life. From today your life will never remain the same. A Perfect heart is one full of gratitude towards God. A man of God once said that God has not done him one wrong all through his life. That is a perfect life; a perfect heart.

In one of our pastor’s meetings he said, “Everything good in his ministry is done by God. Every mistake you have ever seen I am the one that did it”. It comes as no surprise that the servant of God is thriving so greatly. We see the same heart of gratitude in the apostle Paul. He was always striving to have a conscience void of offence towards God and man. Despite all the beatings, shipwrecks, snake bites etc, that Paul faced in his life he had no offence towards God. May you come to a point in your life   never to be offended by God. When anything goes wrong may you, in humility and gratitude of heart see it as you and never God.

What have you that you have not received? Wisdom is to return all glory to God with a heart filled with gratitude. Deut. 3:/18.
 God will not abhor you for ingratitude because you shall be grateful. The withdrawal of God is the power of the devil; something he craved for over the life of Job. In one single day his property and children were all killed. Amazingly Job still worshipped God even after this massacre by the devil. Job 1:20. In the midst of challenges Job stood faithful even rebuking his wife. Job 2/10.

If you frown against God He will withdraw His presence from you. IN Job 42/10 we see God restoring him to twice as much as he was before. Despite losing everything during his trial he never cursed God.  A heart of gratitude indeed. Let your heart sing and leap for joy. God is not an evildoer but a Blesser. Let thanksgiving never cease from your heart. May the love of God be with you always.

As the teaching comes forth by the servant of God, as contained in this blog, may the blessedness of gratitude be reflected in your life. May your faith make thee whole. PEACE.

Sunday, 2 March 2014

The Spirit of Joy A Must Have For Every Believer

Welcome to today’s message.   I see this week delivering the ordained blessing to you In the precious name of Jesus.

. Jesus says in Jn. 6:63; It is the spirit that quickeneth……The words that I speak to you are Spirit and life. May the spirit of the word enter you to produce your desired change as you read this piece. May the testimonies of the saints herein act to you as a divine catalyst to release your own desired testimony. Peace to you!

God hath enacted a covenant that guarantees all round fruitfulness with the saints (those who have given their life to Jesus and following His ways). God spoke about this in Ez. 34:24-27.

 Christ has met all the requirements for the ratification of this covenant. Therefore this covenant is in force. Yet every believer needs the spirit of joy at work in the heart to be able to experience this covenant in operations.

The bible records in Is. 61:3 (the last statement) that every believer is to be called a tree of righteousness. Read Is 61:13.  Bearing fruits glorifies God, but bearing great fruits at their own season exalts Him more. Remember what Jesus rightly says; Read Jn. 15:5. That is to show you what manner of fruits you ought to bear as a believer; glorious fruits that will provoke attraction because it is the branch that holds the fruits. Your life becomes an expression of the goodness of divinity. You reflect and exhibit the glory of the roots. Revelations of the Scriptures in your spirit given by the Holy Ghost in which you walk is the life water and power that provokes your fruitfulness. But it’s amazing. The scripture says; Read Isaiah 12:3 Without joy, you have no access to revelations. This is the necessity of joyfulness which I think you need to foremost understand to help you make a decision. Revelations is the cause for kingdom fruitfulness.

Read Joel 1:10-12. May this never be your portion. But can you imagine? Despite the fact that these people are covenant children to whom the promises of God hath been given. They are still experiencing all this frustration, just because of one thing; their joy is withered off. Joyfulness is what satan takes away from the heart of a man that gives him the power to cause havoc.  Don’t allow it! Therefore joyfulness in God is a basic condition to be met for the covenant of God to have effect in your life. You must have come to understand that the service you render to Good without joyfulness is unacceptable (Deut. 28:47-48). Truly the offerings and tithes that you give to God without gladness of heart is not received by the Spirit (2 Cor. 9:7). So satan your adversary will do all he can to grieve you and hold you down with the spirit of sorrow and depression of heart are not emotional and psychological disorders as so called. They are demonic bonds to unfruitfulness. The end of sorrow in a life is the beginning of divine restoration. I pray for you that as you read this piece, the root of sorrow and depression. Understand therefore that sorrow and depression of heart are not emotional and psychological disorders as so called. They are demonic bonds to unfruitfulness. The end of sorrow in a life is the beginning of divine restoration. I pray for you that as you read this piece, the root of sorrow and depression tormenting your heart be uprooted. I pray that the yoke of grief and unfruitfulness lose its grip over you this day in the name of Jesus.

Joy means the effervescence of the spirit man. It means the uncontrollable bubbling and excitement of the soul. Joy means an uncontrolled delight welling up from within. Just like sorrow, grief and depression of the heart are products of demonic spirit oppression; joy of the heart is a function of the Holy Spirit at work within the inner man of a believer. This is why Paul lists this virtue of joy as part of the fruit of the spirit in Gal. 5:22. Paul constantly experiences this grace and refers to it as joy unspeakable (uncontrollable), full of glory (1 Pet. 1:8). It causes a constant rejoicing and bubbling inside even when things are wrong around you. When your spirit bubbles up. Everything wrong around you turns out right. But when you remain gloomy, things collapse the more. Oh, how you need this virtue! This is one of the ministries of the Holy Ghost in the believer. Read Isaiah. 61:2-3. I pray for the restoration of the spirit of joy in your soul this day. For every negative issue of your life, receive God’s help; for confusion, receive divine portions (Is. 61:7). I pray that as the oil of joy and garment of praise comes over you, you will begin to spring forth with great fruits. Hannah was fruitless, and her unfruitfulness was established because she was a woman of sorrowful spirit (1 Sam. 1:15) and she lived her life in bitterness of soul (1 Sam 1: 15) and she lived her life in bitterness of soul (1 Sam 1:10). This is despite her prayer life and fasting life perhaps. But immediately she dropped the garment of sorrow and her countenance was no longer sad because her heart became fixed onto the LORD, the LORD remembered her  and gave her a new song; Read 1 Sam.2:5. I see every sorrowful sound out of your heart turning to songs of testimonies before the end of this year, in Jesus mighty name.