Friday, 21 February 2014

When the family succeeds, everything succeeds! (Psalm 11:3).

Marital breakthrough arises with the coming together of man and woman for the purpose of impacting their world. You are here to fulfill divine purpose and the ultimate for everyone is therefore fulfillment.
Without impact at home, you can never have value on the field. God is set out to repackage you, through teachings in this word, in a manner where you will command value both at home and in the field. You will be established in marriage with definite with definite impacts and effectiveness in life and ministry.

Your destiny shall be colorful for you are a child of destiny. Read Rom 8:20. BE BLESSED.

            Marital Foundation

God: In every home, God must be first and the central focus. I am the vine, you are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit; or without me ye can do nothing…John 15:5.

Family: Love and care is the utmost from your family and Christian testimony. Therefore let whatever you confess and profess be evident in your home.

Job/Ministry: Your good inside is what will show outside. If the iron be blunt, and he do not whet the edge, then must he put to more strength: but wisdom is profitable to direct. Read Eccl 10:10

Responsibilities In The Home:

The husband

The husband is the head of the home and has the following responsibilities:-

Provide for the home: It is the duty of the husband to absolutely provide for the home in accordance to the blessing of God upon man….1 Tim 5:8
       Rule the house well: He is to accept responsibility for what happens in the home; positive or negative. Eve took the fruit but God called Adam. Treat your wife with honor and dignity. Read Gen 3

       Direct the home: The husband is to show the way out and forward at all times and to ensure there is no tension, crisis or struggle.

Let us then look at the wife’s place for responsibilities. Responsibility is the price for greatness.

The Wife:  (The homemaker)

Submission: Is willingness to put yourself under authority. It is an act of willingness and not weakness. It is unconditional, profound respect and acceptance. Eph 5/22,1  Pet 3/11-12.

Manage well: Means operating in selflessness and not selfishly! It is  to keep records and maintain self ,control. It is possessing and displaying covenant sense as well as being an example in the family….proverbs 3110, 27.

Be a help mate indeed:  It is about being a helper, supporter and a contributor. Be a blessing and not a burden as you help to maintain focus and not distraction. I see your contributions always taking your marriage and family forward in Jesus mighty name.

The individual responsibilities of the spouses are as crucial as the joint responsibilities. And what are these?

Joint Responsibilities.

Parental care: Promote honor unto your parents; both the maternal and paternal. Honor to your father, mother and for one another must be a family culture. Jointly decide to care for your parents. Raise the children in unity and with respect for their grandparents …Proverbs 20/20.

Challenges To Family Unity.

Going beyond bounds: Maintain control in your home as you keep your wife and children in check. Control should also be applied when speaking, in actions and exposures.
Money matters: Stay on the watch for wrong priorities, poor management, lack of accountability, uneven allocation, breaking of kingdom covenant demands hindered access or keeping of secrets.

Communication: It is the mortar that holds the family together. Spend  time together with the children.

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