Tuesday, 18 February 2014

The Effect Of The Spirit Of Love In The Believer.

            The spirit of love purifies your soul unto righteousness.
         If you love people they will love you back hence the spirit of love gives you a place in life. By purifying your heart, the spirit of love delivers you from deadly emotions very capable of destroying you and your destiny. When you practice love unto God and to other men you are actually purifying your soul. Read (1 Pet 1:22).

         Handle issues in love for that is where your own glory lies. Rather than to condemn, pray for others that God may deliver them. The more you walk in love the more you are purified. Paul was a man free from bitterness hence he was holy. He was full of glory and power. Free your heart from bitterness with all men, live in love and remain therein.

         Learn to forgive every of your offender. Well, they may make you angry but do not live in perpetual anger for that is sin. Read (Eph 4:26).

         Also speak the truth in love rather than to gossip or speak ill of another. Live your life by love and you will flourish.

         You cannot love God and say you do not love the brethren around you. Despite all he went through in the hands of his brothers and in Potiphar’s house Joseph carried on as if nothing had happened. That is the spirit of love. Read 1Cor 13:4-8.

2.            A love life preserves you in the faith until you are blessed. Read Rom 8:35-37. The fulfillment of the law is love, says the word of God. The spirit of love empowers you against doing evil both in the open and in the secret.

         Those who partake in the nature of Christ will partake of his blessings too.

Read Gen 3:7-9. Love constrained and motivated Joseph against evil. The one you love you will walk to please and not offend. That is even why Paul referred to himself as the servant of God; a bond man.

After Joseph revealed himself to his brothers he asked them not to worry nor had they done him evil! Love indeed!! Read Gen 45:5-7. Joseph became great because he was a man of love and God gave him favor before Pharaoh then lifted him up.

We are children of God, all of us having treat destinies to fulfill but it takes holiness and righteousness to fulfill it. The spirit of love is the cleansing power of the spirit. In all of us is the spirit of love but it is high time we stirred it up. Read Rom 5:5 1 Tim 1:6.

When an issue arises do not react but stop and ask yourself how love would respond. Once you are clear then RESPOND ACCORDING TO LOVE. God is faithful.

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