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Covenant Responsibilities In Marriage

When you notice absence of marital break through, it is your duty to dig and find out why or what is making for the unfruitfulness. It is of great importance to note that God is never to blame nor has the devil any power over the life of a man who walks under the covenant. Hosea 4/6 You must therefore be sensitive to identify which covenant responsibilities are missing per time, so you can increase our fruitfulness.

A. Relationship with parents

There are many marital destinies, business and families that are not well today because one is yet to, ‘honor thy father and thy mother …’ .You have an undeniable responsibility towards your parent. Relating to them well and caring for their well being should be of utmost importance to you. And that is why many are tithing and sowing yet nothing is forthcoming because this major covenant is out of place. There is something in parental blessings; long life (Eph 6/3) protection, peace, lifting all round your life etc and you ought to go after it. Parental blessings are as important as blessings from God. Gen 27/3-4 They are what connect you to breakthrough in life. It is your covenant responsibility to honour your parents according to the level that God has blessed you. If this has not been your lifestyle repent and even sow a seed into their lives. Ensure that you include them in your covenant relationship with God. Watch what will happen.

B. Lack of focus in life

Many lack marital breakthroughs because they have become Lot’s wife in life and destiny .Only those who look forward go forward in life! …Luke 9/62. Exploits in the kingdom have their roots in knowledge of God. Dan 11/32. Those who know their God, not those who cry or weep nor those who run around shall do exploits. I see your life being filled  with exploits in Jesus name.

Your problem is not out of the happenings around but from within you as  a person. The knowledge of God does not bring one down it lifts you up. Do not say, ‘It is because I am a Christian. If I was still there like I was before, dong the things I used to …’ Beware, otherwise you will become a pillar of salt. Those who look back don’t see the front, neither do they get to the front. 

There is nothing that has value out of God. Nothing but a bitter end is all there is outside salvation …Eccl 7/8. There is nothing you  need that is not provided for in the bible so goo for it. Any relationship that will not let you walk with God will walk you down hell. Be focused and Jesus will make you the star that God ordained you to be.

Parental blessings are as important as blessings from  God.. gen 27/3-4.

C. Holding on to that does not profit.

1) Forgive and forget beloved. Math 1823-25

If anyone has offended, injured disappointed or owes you and you know he is not in a position  to pay, forgive and forget. Asking why? God has more for you than what  any man owes you. Do not bind your brother or sister because of offence. Fear has torments. Perfect love casts out fear.

2) Treat people well …Luke 10/7

When you have people work for you and you are leaving in splendor without considering them, you are a fraud. It is here that your business stops to flourish and life becomes a misery. Reward the people for their diligent service and allow them to grow as well. Remember Joseph? Maid or slave today  is not going to be one tomorrow, so do not despise or look down upon him, treat him/her well.

From today you shall be reckoned with by all around you as very great. There shall be no more leakages in your finance, but harvest.

3) Be diligent.

Breakthrough, affluence or glory never comes by accident but by input. Prov 22/29. There is dignity in labor. Anything that will profit your life must be worked on. Jesus said, I must work ….. “ He also said, “My father worketh” John 5/17. Paul labored, 1 Cor 15/10. There is no future for the idle in the kingdom, 2 Thes 3/10.The prosperous church is a doing believer,….and whatsoever he doeth he shall prosper, Ps 1/3. It is time to start working things out! Is 3/10.

4) Give it all you have got.

Black has nothing to do with the colour of your destiny. Slothfulness and lack of commitment to life and destiny or responsibilities  is what makes you ‘black’, songs of Sol. 1/6  put in your best in making most of what you have per time. There is enough provision around where you are. May you find it.

Give it all you have got and the covenant will locate you, your lifting will come and your future secured. Eccl 9/10.

Have joy in working out the best of every relationship. There is a great future awaiting you. Never be caught doing nothing or envying others. It is time to take back your position as a pace setting and blessed believer. From now on you will enjoy marital bliss in Jesus mighty name.

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