Tuesday, 25 February 2014

New Beginnings In Marriage

God has a standard and provision for establishing marital breakthroughs…

Math 19/4-6, Heb 13/4. Marriage is for honorable living and all round refreshing, Heb 3:4 It is not an accident or a coincidence, but built.

A.         It is for learners.
       Only committed learners become great leaders. Until you are willing to learn you are not qualified to lead, Heb 6/12.  Jesus affirmed this in Math 4/19, ‘Get to know my approach to issues, follow the same approach and you will get the same results.

B.         There is a demand
       God’s principal provision for new beginnings in your marital destiny is divine enlightment has been the greatest need to may troubled lives or destinies today… Math 7/24-27.As long as there is insufficient light, shinning is impossible. God’s glory is withheld and darkness becomes inevitable.

       This means arise, be announced and be made manifest.

Prov. 3/35 says, The wise or spiritually enlightened shall inherit glory while Eccl. 8/1 states that, wisdom makes a man’s face to shine.

Once there are no more new discoveries or enlightenments there can be no more adventures in life. Go for daily divine enlightenment otherwise all you will end up with is plenty of darkness, very little shinning and God’s glory withheld.

We speak not of the volume of scriptures but access to his voice;not church attendance but  plenty of spiritual illumination

       Luke 2/52.A vital way of obtaining wisdom is learning and being taught. Wisdom is taught!! Prov 4/4-5

       Many marital destinies are so insensitive and careless. They lack divine enlightenment. How then do you recover?

1.           Desire to learn.
Abraham: When it was breakthrough time in the house of Abraham picked it and the wife and children collaborated.

Elisha as an honorable man of God. The husband responded and barrenness was terminated ….2 Kings 4/8-16.

2.           Alertness
Ezekiel: Be available to hear the voice of the spirit through which you enjoy a duplication and multiplication. You cannot covet to get you connect to get. Connectivity commands the flow of divine substance, enabling you to produce dramatically and amazingly. The glorious financial destiny of this great commission and the unusual supplies is as a result of the encounter with the cope lands.

The bible dictionary defines teaching as an act of instructing students or imparting knowledge and information. Teaching is a process of empowering the word, so you can see what God is saying concerning the subject matter.

The concept of teaching usually means receiving and walking in divine instructions. The word you understand is the word you retain and it is the word you retain that you do. From this day you will stand as an example to the unbeliever.

3.           Meekness to learn
       Abigail: Foolishness can be very costly. It was in the case of Nabal who had become so insensitive, unlearned and thick that it destroyed him.

1Sam 25/23-38
This month God will flood your life with spiritual enlightenment that guaranteed greater manifestations in your  marital destiny.

4.           Give him continuous praise
       High praised compel breakthroughs and divine recoveries. The Lord said to Israel through Moses, “Ye have compassed this mountain long enough: now turn you northward …’
Deaut 2/3.God’s provision for you is to be ever fruitful, ever productive, ever advancing. Therefore, ‘sing, o barren, Is 54/1-5.

       David was a praising saint. He acknowledged praying 3 times  a day and praising God 7 times daily. Seven times a day do I praise thee because of thy righteous judgments Ps. 119:164

       Everything that sought tomes up his destiny ended up frustrated. At every stage of his life the enemy was frustrated just as every enemy of your marital destiny is herewith destroyed. PEACE

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